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What's is All Our Friends Are Brainwashed about ?

All Our Friends Are Brainwashed is a show about Spirituality, Humanity, Medicine, Politics, World/ Current News. This show is crafted for the people, by the people. We operate a team of two, Stevie, & Julien. Two curious hosts ready to ask the hard hitting questions you may have wondered about. Join us in uniting the Truther Movement Local and International. We have one mission and thats unity and truth. We are not right or left, we do not intend to act as though we have all the answers. We are here to help one another think a little more clearly.

A Show By The People For The People!

We created the show All Our Friends Are Brainwashed because we wanted to bring something special to the table. We are fascinated by hearing other people’s stories.

How & what exactly helped them wake up?

Why is this important?

The significance of “Waking Up” to us is. Breaking the trigger response inside the mind.

What makes us react to the toxic media?

Why do we react with anger and frustration?

We offer a holistic way of thinking on the show.

We present & speak on different narratives to show the listener that not everything is as it may seem.

We Offer Loads Of Subscriptions & Patreon

We offer exclusive access on our Patreon/Anchor/Wix

Each & every supporter’s subscription can be removed/canceled at any time all episodes are always free!

You pay for exclusive content and more!

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Don't Be The Brainwashed Kind.

We cherish and recognize every subscriber and listener! Thank you for making the show what it is today!

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